Toi Toi Toi

Postgraduate Project at Escola Elisava,
Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain

Project about a speculative theater festival proposed through the collaboration and intercultural dialogue between theater schools in Cologne and Zaragoza.

The visual communication strategies take on a youthful, irreverent tone based on theater-related traditions and superstitions. The bilateral nature of the festival is visually depicted through its ambigram-like composition and use of text and image. ‚Toi Toi Toi‘ is german and comes from ‚Teufel Teufel Teufel‘ which means devil. Theater actors say it before they start acting in order to wish good luck and keep the devil outside the theater. And the colour yellow is not supposed to be worn at a theater premiere, apparently it stands for bad luck. In collaboration with Álex Sánchez.

*Selected project for the Spanish Graphic Design Yearbook Select H 2009