Leve op til utopi

Live up to utopia

During an internship in Copenhagen I spent a lot of time wondering around the beautiful and yet unique area of Christiania. It is a so called freestate in the heart of the city of Copenhagen. As soon as you cross the ‚border‘ with a sign saying ‚You are now leaving the EU‘, you enter into another world with its own rules, laws and spirit. When my internship was over I decided to do a book about Christiania since I noticed that there was no up to date literature about this very special place.

Therefore I came back to Copenhagen and spent almost two months in doing research about Christiania. Apart from doing a lot of photos and interviews with the families and people living there I also investigated about its businesses and sometimes unique architecture since there are no building restrictions. Neither are cars allowed in order to have no traffic noise and protect the children. What started out being a hippy community is now one of the last resorts of its kind that needs to be protected since its future in one of Europe’s most expensive capitals is unclear due to estate capitalism.

The book (245pages) is written in german and danish and printed on 5 different sorts of paper.